Spotlight on ACCSESS at Arendalsuka

ACCSESS was at the forefront of Arendalsuka on Tuesday during a panel discussion focused on CCS as a solution to urban climate problems, hosted by ACCSESS partner Hafslund Oslo Celsio. Arendalsuka (lit. “Arendal’s week”) is a Norwegian political festival that takes place in August every year in Arendal, Norway. The project was introduced by Mona […]

ACCSESS project pilot launched in Norway with Saipem’s CO2 Solutions technology

The Hafslund Oslo Celsio mobile CO2 capture plant in Klemetsrud has been started up with CO2 Solutions technology provided by Saipem. This plant is the pilot of the ACCSESS project, a four-year Horizon 2020 project that aims to demonstrate technologies and produce tools and plans that aim to consolidate carbon dioxide capture and utilization or […]

ACCSESS presented at RPB Colloquium 2022

On 30 June and 1 July, ACCSESS partner PROSPIN participated in the second interdisciplinary colloquium on rotating packed beds (RPBs) at Technical University (TU) Dortmund in Germany. The colloquium was organised by Dr. Jörg Koop and Prof. Andrzej Górak, who is also the founder of PROSPIN. The event was a networking and knowledge-sharing opportunity for […]

Pilot rig construction update

Modifications are currently being made to the pilot rig at Hafslund Oslo Celsio for testing to begin with Saipem’s CO2 capture technology.

New collaboration between Saipem and Novozymes on enzyme-based CO2 capture technology

Novozymes and Saipem logos

On 13 December 2021, a new collaboration was announced between Saipem, one of ACCSESS’ project partners, and Novozymes. Saipem is an advanced technological and engineering platform and is the owner of a new enzyme-based CO2 capture technology. Novozymes is a world leader in producing biological solutions for the sustainable improvement of industrial processes, and is […]