Piloting improved CO₂ capture technology

Facilitiating CO₂ emission reductions

ACCSESS will demonstrate improved post-combustion CO2 capture technology in an operational setting (technology readiness level 7).

The technology combines an environmentally benign enzymatic solvent from Saipem (“CO2 Solutions by Saipem”) and a rotating packed bed (RPB) absorber from Prospin and Proceler.

The low regeneration temperature of “CO2 Solutions by Saipem” and the compact size of the RPB are expected to reduce the costs and space required to implement CO2 on pre-existing industrial sites. This will facilitate various sectors’ ability to reduce their CO2 emissions.

This combined technology will be demonstrated in two different industrial environments: a pulp and paper mill in Sweden (Stora Enso), and a cement kiln in Poland (Heidelberg Materials).

The cost-efficient approach for the piloting is to employ Hafslund Oslo Celsio’s transportable CO2 capture test rig, which will be slightly modified for the purpose, and to which the PSP RPB will be connected on a separate skid.

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