Providing access to cost-efficient, replicable, safe and flexible CCUS.

Responding to the need for cost-effective CDR

In 2018, IPCC their Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 Celsius, clearly showing that carbon neutrality will require drastic emission cuts and carbon removals.
EU has in its Green Deal delivered historical climate
ambitions – both towards 2030 and net zero by
2050. Deep greenhouse gas emission reductions from
the industry will be required to achieve this, and net GHG removal from the atmosphere will be needed at scale to compensate sectors where complete decarbonization is challenging.

Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) will be necessary and is expected to be incentivised by the EC through a regulatory framework already in 2023. CDR technologies, including CO2 Capture, Use and Storage (CCUS), need to be made more cost-effective and deployed to meet this demand. ACCSESS has been tailored to respond to this, through realisation of innovations for CDR in a CCUS context.

ACCSESS is positioned
to deliver three major innovations:

Innovation 1

Piloting of environmentally benign enzymatic solvent combined with an RPB absorber

Innovation 2

Piloting of recarbonation of demolition concrete fines

Innovation 3

Develoment of a radically new cement kiln integrated with amine capture

Key personnel

Research and industry

NilsRøkke (5 of 9)

Vice President og Sustainability, SINTEF

Nils Anders Røkke

Kristin Jordal

Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF

Kristin Jordal

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Chief Market Developer

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