Pilot plant for demonstrating alkaline industrial waste recarbonation

Demonstration plant for industrial waste recarbonation successfully commissioned

A pilot plant for demonstrating alkaline industrial waste recarbonation is being put into operation. This plant was built by Neustark in collaboration with ETH Zürich, and is part of ACCSESS’ “Piloting of recarbonation of demolition concrete fines” innovation (Innovation 2)

The plant has now been successfully commissioned. After performing batch experiments in the hand mode, the solvent was able to be circulated around the plant in an automated mode from February, allowing for continuous experiments.

During these experiments, the first ton of CO2 was stored in limestone. Filtration steps are currently being optimised so that less manual work is required to operate the plant, in order to collect longer-term data and check solvent stability. Later this spring, Neustark will move from pure CO2 to flue gas.

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