ACCSESS on German news programme as Norway and Germany announce plans to collaborate on CCS

On 6 January 2023, an interview with ACCSESS Coordinator Kristin Jordal about CO₂ capture and storage (CCS) was featured on the German TV programme Tagesthemen (“Issues of the day”), one of Germany’s main newscasts.

The interview was part of coverage of German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck’s visit to Oslo, Norway on 5 January. The two countries released a joint statement on the same day on their plans to strengthen their collaboration on several areas related to renewable energy and green industry, such as CCS.

Kristin’s interview was also used in another article by the programme on Habeck’s visit:

“We know that we can capture CO₂ and then store it in the ground – for a very long time. I believe it’s a very useful technology that can be part of the portfolio we use to mitigate climate change.”

CCS as a means to decarbonise cement

As part of the visit, Habeck was given a tour of Norcem’s cement plant in Brevik. Norcem is a subsidy of ACCSESS partner Heidelberg Materials.

Cement is one of the main ingredients of concrete, which is the second most used substance in the world after water. However, cement production is also responsible for 7% of man-made CO₂ emissions globally. Approximately 2/3 of this CO₂ is produced from the calcification of limestone – a key ingredient of cement – and cannot be avoided. Capturing these emissions is the only way to decarbonise the cement industry.

ACCSESS is due to conduct tests at Heidelberg Materials’ cement kiln in Górażdże, Poland early next year as part of the project’s work to improve CO₂ capture using the enzymatic solvent CO₂ solutions by Saipem and PROSPIN’s rotary packed bed (RPB) absorber.

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