Installation of absorber and stripper towers at TCM’ new site for emerging technologies

Preparations underway for next ACCSESS test campaign at Technology Centre Mongstad

Update (9 January 2023): PROSPIN’s rotary packed bed (RPB) absorber arrives at Technology Centre Mongstad

Last week, the absorber and stripper column for the Celsio CO2 capture pilot rig was installed at Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM), in preparation for the next test campaign as part of ACCSESS’ testing of improved post-combustion CO2 capture technology.

Test campaign at Hafslund Oslo Celsio has concluded

In July 2022, the pilot rig started operations with Saipem’s CO2 Solutions technology at Hafslund Oslo Celsio’s waste-to-energy plant in Klemetsrud, Oslo. The rig was then disassembled in October 2022, with the help of TCM’s modification team and transported to TCM at Mongstad by truck. The presence of TCM’s modification team during the pilot plant disassembly was useful to ensure that the rig will be reassembled correctly at TCM.

Installation of absorber and stripper towers at TCM’ new site for emerging technologies

Next test campaign due to start in early 2023

After the hook-up and installation activities are completed, the pilot rig is planned to start its next test campaign in the beginning of 2023. This will first consist of a month of testing CO2 capture with Saipem’s CO2 Solutions technology, using the rig’s conventional configuration (absorber and stripper columns)– in other words, the same set-up that has been used at Klemetsrud.

A second campaign of two months will then be run, where the rig’s absorber column will be replaced with a rotary packed bed absorber (RPB). The RPB is currently being developed by PROSPIN and will be delivered to TCM early January 2023. Part of TCM’ team visited Prospin premises to carry out a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) early December before RPB shipment to TCM.

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