ACCSESS Consortium at the third technical meeting in Cologne

ACCSESS holds third technical meeting in Cologne

On 18-19 October, the ACCSESS consortium convened in Cologne for the project’s third technical meeting.

The two-day meeting had time for a number of discussions and updates from both the work currently underway and relevant project packages. We hope to be able to present some results very soon.

The meeting was hosted by ACCSESS partner KHD. Their role in the project concerns both conducting an engineering feasibility study for retrofitting two CO2 capture technologies in two European cement plants and developing a concept for a brand-new clinker production technology. This work is part of the project’s Innovation 2, and expected to be delivered in mid-2024.

“The ACCSESS consortium comprises a wide range of competent thought leaders, collaborating to create realisable solutions for maybe the most pressing challenge of mankind,” said Matthias Mersmann, chief technology officer at KHD. “We are all excited as we are now entering into the phase of delivering results.”

ACCSESS Consortium at the third technical meeting in Cologne

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