ACCSESS at the 16th Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference

ACCSESS will be well represented at the 16th Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference (GHGT-16) this year, with a total of eight presentations and posters from the project.

The Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference happens every two years, and is hosted by member countries of the IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme (IEAGHG). It is currently the largest international conference on greenhouse gas mitigation technologies, with a focus on Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage.

You can find an overview of the ACCSESS contributions below (the presenting author is indicated in bold).

Tuesday 25 October

12:40 – 13:00Indirect mineral carbonation of recycled concrete: experimental assessment of a solid-bed reactor for improved calcium extractionAntonio Gasós (ETH Zürich), Mattheus Meijssen (ETH Zürich), Johannes Tiefenthaler (Neustark), Marco Mazzotti (ETH Zürich)Session 5E – CO2 MineralisationTete D’Or room 1 – 1st FloorPresentation
14:36 – 14:46The cost of CCS – a product chain analysis of the cement and pulp industriesAnna Emanuelsson (Chalmers), Filip Johnsson (Chalmers)E-Poster SessionsNiveau Forum level -2 (Station D – screen 15)Poster

Wednesday 26 October

12:40 – 13:00Systematic design of absorption CO2 processes considering total CO2 avoided cost and varying operating conditionsCristina Zotică (SINTEF), Chao Fu (SINTEF), Luca Riboldi (SINTEF), Simon Roussanaly (SINTEF), Rahul Anantharaman (SINTEF)Session 8A – Post Combustion Capture Process Modelling IIGrand Salon Gratte-Ciel, 2nd FloorPresentation
14:00 – 14:10Potential mapping of cost-efficient inland CO2 transport solutions for CCTS value chainsAvinash Subramanian (SINTEF), Pauline Oeuvray (ETH Zürich), Luca Riboldi (SINTEF), Viola Becattini (ETH Zürich), Rahul Anantharaman (SINTEF), Johannes Burger (ETH Zürich), Paolo Gabrielli (ETH Zürich), Simon Roussanaly (SINTEF), Jan Seiler (ETH Zürich), Julian Straus (SINTEF), André Bardow (ETH Zürich), Giovanni Sansavini (ETH Zürich), Marco Mazzotti (ETH Zürich)E-Poster SessionNiveau Forum level -2Poster
14:24 – 14:34ACCSESS Project: Providing access to cost-efficient, replicable, safe and flexible CCUSRuben M. Montañés (SINTEF), Kristin Jordal (SINTEF), Fabio Schiesari (Saipem), Rahul Anantharaman (SINTEF), Amy Brunsvold (SINTEF), Marco Mazzotti (ETH Zürich), Viola Becattini (ETH Zürich), Filip Johnson (Chalmers), Hendrik Frieling (Fraunhofer)E-Poster SessionNiveau Forum level -2 (Station D – screen 14)Poster
15:12 – 15:22Carbon Capture, Transport and Storage (CCTS) supply chain assessment for early moversPauline Oeuvray (ETH Zürich), Viola Becattini (ETH Zürich), Marco Mazzotti (ETH Zürich)E-Poster SessionNiveau Forum level -2 (Station E – screen 18)Poster
17:20 – 17:40Legal and Regulatory gaps for carbon capture and storageLinda Frattini (ETH Zürich), Viola Becattini (ETH Zürich), Marian Krüger (ETH Zürich), Marco Mazzotti (ETH Zürich)Session 9C – Regulations and Standards – International and EUBellecour rooms 2&3 lower level -1Presentation
17:20 – 17:40Environmental impact of pioneering Carbon Capture, Transport and Storage (CCTS) chainsJohannes Burger (ETH Zürich), Julian Nöhl (ETH Zürich), Jan Seiler (ETH Zürich), Paolo Gabrielli (ETH Zürich), Giovanni Sansavini (ETH Zürich), André Bardow (ETH Zürich)Session 9D – System PerspectivesBellecour room 1 – lower level -1Presentation