Fortum Oslo Varme is now Hafslund Oslo Celsio

Update (30 June 2022): Financing secured for CCS at Klemetsrud waste-to-energy plant

On Friday 20 May, Fortum Oslo Varme announced that they have changed their name to Hafslund Oslo Celsio to reflect the company’s change in ownership: Hafslund Eco now own 60% while Infranode and HitecVision now own 20% each. The purchase was finalised on the same day.

Hafslund Oslo Celsio’s core business activity is the production of heat from local surplus energy, such as heat from waste incineration, which it then distributes it to commercial buildings and homes in the Oslo Metropolitan Area. It is Norway’s largest supplier of district heating, and its waste incineration plant at Klemetsrud in Oslo is one of the biggest in Norway.

“The new name is a reflection of where we are and what we do. Celsio is derived from Celsius, the most common unit for measuring temperature. Temperature is directly connected to thermal energy, which forms the basis of a lot of our business activities,” said Knut Inderhaug, acting CEO of Hafslund Oslo Celsio.

The new ownership is key to the realisation of full-scale CO2 capture at the company’s waste-to-energy plant in Klemetsrud, Norway, which is expected to be able to capture up to 400,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. The plant is currently responsible for 17% of Oslo’s total CO2 emissions, and large-scale implementation of CO2 capture is therefore critical to Oslo’s ability to reduce its CO2 emissions by 95% by 2030. Construction is due to start in autumn 2022, and is expected be completed in 2026.

“The change in ownership marks the start of an exciting time for us. Our new owners think in the long term, are ambitious and very concerned about sustainability, and, most importantly, have a lot of confidence in our carbon capture project at Klemetsrud,” Knut continued.

You can find more information in Hafslund Oslo Celsio’s official press release (in Norwegian).

The company will continue their partnership in ACCSESS under their new name, and modifications to their mobile CO2 capture test rig, which they are lending to the ACCSESS consortium, are almost complete.

On behalf of the ACCSESS consortium, we congratulate them on this new stage of life, and are looking forward to continuing our collaboration to make CCS more accessible in Norway and Europe. 

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