Pilot rig construction update

Update (8 August 2022)ACCSESS project pilot launched in Norway with Saipem’s CO2 Solutions technology

Hafslund Oslo Celsio owns and runs Norway’s largest waste-to-energy facility on the outskirts of Oslo, where it has made its pilot plant available to ACCSESS to further accelerate the development of CO2 capture. The capture pilot rig is currently being modified for operations with the CO2 Solutions Technology by Saipem.

In the pictures, you can see the new installed utility container, which has been placed next to the pilot rig process container, the new cooling tower and the modifications inside the process container.

Following these modifications, the pilot plant will be tested using the Saipem technology in different industrial environments.

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The newly installed utility container next to the pilot rig process container.
The CO2 absorber at Klemetsrud waste-to-energy plant.
The new cooling tower.
The new utility container.
The modification inside the new process container.
Piping on the outside of the new utility container.

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