Fortum's waste-to-energy plant

New agreement ensures full funding for CO2 capture at ACCSESS consortium member’s waste-to-energy plant

Update (20 May 2022): Fortum Oslo Varme is now Hafslund Oslo Celsio

Update (30 June 2022): Financing secured for CCS at Klemetsrud waste-to-energy plant

On 22 March 2022, the City of Oslo and new owners of Fortum Oslo Varme, one of ACCSESS’ consortium members, entered into an agreement on the realisation of full-scale CO2 capture at Fortum’s waste-to-energy plant in Klemetsrud, Norway.

As a result of this agreement, up to NOK 6 billion will be invested in this project by the parties, with a further NOK 3 billion promised by the Norwegian government.

“We have been looking for a funding solution for CO2 capture at Klemetsrud for a long time now. Together with Hafslund Eco and our new partners, the City of Oslo will make carbon capture at Klemetsrud a reality from 2026,” said Raymond Johansen, the mayor of Oslo.

On the same day, Fortum agreed to sell its shares in Fortum Oslo Varme to Hafslund Eco, Infranode and HitecVision. The City of Oslo also plans to transfer its shares in the company to Hafslund Eco, which it owns in its entirety. As a result, Hafslund Eco would own 60% of the company, while Infranode and HitecVision would own 20% each.

However, this change in ownership is not expected to impact the company’s desire to promote CCS in waste-to-energy processes across Europe, as evidenced by their participation in ACCSESS.

“The realisation of CCS at Klemetsrud is very important not only for Norway but also in a European context. We are excited to work with Fortum (Hafslund) in ACCSESS,” said Kristin Jordal, ACCSESS’ project coordinator.

Throughout the ACCSESS project, the company will lend their mobile test rig to the ACCSESS consortium in order to test the “CO2 Solutions by Saipem” capture technology at several industrial sites, including Klemetsrud.

“By letting ACCSESS use their CO2 capture test rig, they are really supporting the realisation of CCS beyond their own full-scale project,” Kristin continued.

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