Novozymes and Saipem logos

New collaboration between Saipem and Novozymes on enzyme-based CO2 capture technology

On 13 December 2021, a new collaboration was announced between Saipem, one of ACCSESS’ project partners, and Novozymes.

Saipem is an advanced technological and engineering platform and is the owner of a new enzyme-based CO2 capture technology. Novozymes is a world leader in producing biological solutions for the sustainable improvement of industrial processes, and is the largest provider of enzyme and microbial technologies.

The goal of this collaboration is to develop a more sustainable and cost-effective CO2 capture technology based on enzymes rather than amines. Not only does the use of enzymes require lower temperatures and fewer chemicals than traditional carbon capture methods, but it also puts less strain on the equipment. In other words, enzyme-based CO2 capture technology is more environmentally sustainable and more cost-effective

This technology was initially developed by Saipem, which will provide the processes as well as the mechanical and equipment design, while Novozymes will provide the enzymes and contribute with enzyme innovation.

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